PRAYA ft Nego True

by Ben Ridley

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I believe in blessings, I believe you can catch a blessing via audio, so I made this track.

This aint religion, it's a NUU ting.



Our Father, no weapon formed against me.
please protect me.

Every journey started with one step to take and.
Choices made like red or blue pill what you taking.
What you pro-duce will be based on what you take in.
Every morn I gas my self up I know all is mine for taking.
Praise the Lord my life will bruise the head of satan.
My mum told me if you win is based on praying.
I think prayer, every day'll, help you make your mind focus to solely on the way you plan to make your way in.
Tryna speak words so those who heard them boost in bravery.
Don't know why you spitting them lies it drives me crazy.
All I know is my duty so I got one tracked mind.
Get my checks and help the kids is my fucking grind.
I'm bout to go, radical, they don't want me on tele.
Me and mine have got too much guts still going straight for that belly.
Talking crazy bout competition, cos none of them ah come near me.
I say I will be screaming this, until all of you hear me.

Loving to my enemies.
Nothing ever threaten me.
Every time I bend my knees.
(All I ask for) wisdom and the energy.


I used to pray to the Father.
like everyday for an answer.
mum used to call me a hustler.
I said I'm more like a pastor.
taking money from the poor, tryna build ish.
I want three kids when I'm three six.
but now I leave chicks.
I don't need this.
I tried to be the good guy once.
but the good girl tried to get the good guy done.
The Guardian label me the good guy, but look at how the good guy won.
no gucci belt, no chain on, I use that show money just to feed mum.
our Father who art in hood, okay flame on.
I'm that bad breed.
from them back streets.
man I pray my teachers see me.
Cah I started up a new company man I swear my city needs me.
cah my letter straight from the mayor.
my face is up in that paper.
i'm just an average kid to these rap fans but my mum thinks that I'm famous.
feels like everything I did, is everything that they don't see.
I'm still filming my own vids, I swear to you I don't go sleep.
these girls claiming I've changed.
they want me to stay the same.
but it don't mean that you know me cos you know my government name.



I swear I wish no bad on anyone.
I swear I wanna see you get it done.
I bend my knees and pray your feet don't tire.
(Get this blessing/receive it)

Now repeat after me I said I get up, I'm making.
My hungry as a weapon.
They can't keep up, my setting.
Is go hard every second.
I will sweep up, this bread and.
Go share it with my bredrins.
Never will I be no fuck boy, I'll remember way back then when.
All our feet were cold.
If you seen the soles.
Of our sneakers holes.
In that shit, nigga, we were all.
Decent till.
We need p's then all of that switched.
Inna, all this shit we go through, on the roads to get a chip.
Aint it funny we're still hungry getting deep fried in this bitch.


released 15 January 2014



all rights reserved


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